If you're the parent of a school-aged child looking for legal advice, you probably aren't sure when to hire an education attorney. After all, it's a school district's job to take care of your children. A school district should always work in a student's best interests. However, this isn't always the case. Sometimes, students can fall through the cracks. And when that happens, it can be difficult to get your son or daughter back on track in school. Frequently, school districts act out of line when it comes to helping students in special education. As a result, your school may routinely violate your child's rights under IEP laws or school suspension laws. That's unacceptable. And if you need a lawyer to defend your child's rights in Canton, OH, call Kevin J. Breen Co., LLC.

Kevin is a civil law expert who has practiced as a specialized education lawyer for more than 30 years. As a result, he's helped countless clients defend their children's rights against misconduct or unfair treatment by a school district. You need a lawyer to help your son or daughter by giving them a voice in legal matters. Therefore, call Kevin if you need an education attorney in any of the following communities:

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IEP laws are a legal network that gives a child in public school the right to receive a personalized education. An IEP, which stands for "individual education plan," is a legal document that outlines how a school must teach your child. IEP is also called special education. Under Ohio state and federal laws, schools must make special education available to students from age 3 through 21. These rules are intended to protect the rights of students that suffer from intellectual, physical, or emotional disabilities and their parents. For example, special education laws protect your right to make decisions on your child's behalf. Because of this, the school must call you before they make any changes to your child's education plan. A public school is required to help you understand IEP laws. However, they often don't have the resources to do so. In that situation, you should consult an education lawyer.

Before your child can apply for an IEP, they need to be eligible for the program. Your child may be eligible for an IEP if they have intellectual disability, hearing impairment, speech or language impairment, emotional disturbance, orthopedic impairment, autism, traumatic brain injury, or more than one disability. If you think your child may be eligible, you can request an evaluation from your school district. Your school district may also ask you to evaluate your child. However, they need your written consent before they do. If you believe that your school district evaluated your child without your permission, it's crucial to hire an education lawyer immediately.


No matter their age, students are capable of acting out in class. This can lead to disciplinary action that ranges from not getting recess to being expelled. But in some cases, a teacher and student might simply not see eye to eye. The teacher may have a misinformed first impression. Or they may just be fed up and out of patience. Regardless, teachers can use their positions to abuse students with unnecessary punishments. While some teachers may think that they are the law in school, they're not. In fact, Ohio's school suspension laws dictate when a student can be removed from class. Therefore, if you feel a teacher has punished your son or daughter unfairly, an education lawyer can strike back and defend their rights.


An education lawyer may be the nuclear option in your son or daughter's school dispute. But sometimes it's a necessary step to take. You can't sit idly by and let a teacher break school suspension laws to punish your child. And you need to make sure that your school is following any IEP the state has mandated for your child. Therefore, don't wait. If you need an education attorney in the Canton, OH area, call Kevin Breen to schedule your consultation.