If you have been accused of an OVI or DUI, the law offices of Kevin J. Breen Co., LLC is here to protect your rights. Mr. Breen has successfully represented clients in Akron and other Ohio courts on charges of OVI, DUI, Reckless Operation and similar offenses. He has obtained substantially reduced charges on behalf of clients in a wide array of these matters. He has taken matters to a jury trial, as necessary, to serve the best interest of his clients. He is available for consultation and representation throughout Ohio.

What is OVI?

Will my drivers license be suspended?

Occupational Probationary Driving Privileges

What happens at my first Ohio court appearance?

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Suspension

When you get pulled over for DUI, you face serious charges that could lead to expensive fines, loss of driving privileges, increased insurance costs and potential jail time. You need a DUI lawyer that aggressively fights for your rights and is on your side. Contact our law firm today for more information and a free consultation.